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Radishes Are Strong Antifungals

Radishes are strong anti-fungals. I actually let a bag go over a month to see how long it would take to rot. It outlives everything organic in our fridges. It's truly remarkable.

Yesterday, I forgot just how strong the anti-fungal properties in radishes were, and  I got violently ill after eating 2 of them. The following might be a little graphic for some, so stop reading if you're that person.

I couldn't figure out what to have for lunch. I was sick of soup and I had only 15 minutes left to decide before I'd be over my schedule. I wasn't even hungry. I've been less and less hungry as the days go on; mostly because the food is unappetizing, I think, save for when BF gets creative with chicken. Other than that, I'm just sick of this. So I decided to snack on brown rice quinoa crackers, almond butter and 2 radishes. Mistake.

A few hours later, I flushed out food. It looked like breakfast, given I had mixed leafy greens with 2 eggs. However, a few hours later, I noticed my mouth salivating a different kind of taste. The last time I had this sensation was when I was 21 and went out drinking. I was going to lose my lunch. I vomited 4 times the first session, 5 times the next. Then another 4 while I was taking a shower. Thank goodness the toilet was close by.  I couldn't stop myself. It was really annoying!

After the shower, I got changed, but when I went to see BF about putting coconut oil on my itchy back, I had trouble breathing. Part of it was due to my esophagus burning and feeling tired from the convulsions. My heart started to have difficulty. I got dizzy, and had to sit down. I had trouble keeping my head up, it felt so heavy. I was breathing shallow, and I was frustrated at my weakness. So much that I started to cry in the middle of this awful bullshit experience. BF helped me to the living room, still in tears. I was too frustrated to wipe them or even care how my face looked as they forced their way out. I knew I was relieving stress, too, so I let it all go as much as it wanted. When my ears started to congest, I forced the tears to stop. I could feel my stomach wanting to clear more things up, but I had had ENOUGH. I forced it to calm down. I was so tired.
Somewhere in that mess, I fell asleep half sitting up. Dinner was made and dishes were washed. Both our neighbors were noisy too, and I didn't hear any of it. I was just so tired, but at least I was able to eat a little. BF made chicken with avocado lime and cilantro. There was some broccoli too. It was lovely, and I was grateful - I was also annoyed that i couldn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to given my tummy was still ill.

Friends, that violent episode was not a result of the candida, but rather a result of the anti-fungals KILLING some of the candida. This is called "Die off", "healing crisis" or  "Herxheimer reaction". Most of us call it "die off". When you kill candida, it can release over 70+ toxins in the body that can have a wave of varying results. This is why logging and monitoring everything is so important.

I found that there are many people who actually chase after die-off symptoms because they want to kill the wild candida. I'm not there yet, and I don't know if I want to be.

Also to note. I found a bruise on the back of my left, middle finger. Monitoring it to make sure it doesn't turn into a clot. Its a little smaller than a pencil eraser head, but still important.

Still haven't written back. My mother would call this laziness, but with candida, everything is so much effort. You really can't understand unless you go through it ; well maybe people who have experienced depression can understand. It's not laziness at all.

Finally, if I've not mentioned it earlier, I am approaching 2 months of treatment this coming Wednesday. I've already lost 40lbs. :( Not a healthy way to lose weight. I can even see the top few ribs of of my rib cage - which is what actually prompted me to weigh myself. I need to find healthy calories that can work on this diet. =/