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2015-12-05 01:59 pm

2 months, 3 weeks : Changes & Gum Problem

I think I had a bad day last week where I was hoping my parents would take an interest in finding out why I'm sick or at least what it does to me. I set up this blog for them, after all, hoping to answer some questions they may have. Nope. A friend. wants me to keep reaching out to them, but at the rate it stresses me, I think I'm better off not counting on their emotional support.

SO. I don't know whether or not I'll even keep this blog up now. We'll see what happens, I guess. The good news is that I'll write my thoughts now instead of keep up with that stupid template log. Actually, no. I know that log is helpful, so I should keep some incarnation of it up.


So, things I learned from my last mishap. Eat. Solid. Foods. I had one full day of soup and I was in so much pain afterward. I guess I was concerned if I was allergic to anything since I had been reading about food allergies and don't know if I have it. (I am not seeing a doctor.)

Radishes - strong anti-fungal. I can only eat 1 a day. Frankly, I've not even had 1 a week since that last horrible incident of die-off. It even sent me into painful bloat mode! (As did the soup day.)

New Problem! Tooth and Gum Issue!

It's Winter and the air is always dry. For the last few years since I've lived here, my teeth and gums would always ache in the winter. This year was no exception. However, this year I notice that my gum line near my bottom left molar has started to turn more black. 6 years ago, when I still lived in California, I went to a dentist who just said it was a stain and to not worry about it. (He's on 1800Dentist, by the way. Ripped off my mom too but that's another story.) I went to brush my teeth after having Alkalizing drink #2 (post after this one!) and noticed some blood. I checked and it didn't look like anything was bleeding, but when I spat, sure enough. I flossed again, especially around that dark "stained" area. My tooth looks fine from above, but that gum line looked like it had gotten darker and spread a little. I used a rubber pick around the area. Again, no pain, but we all know that when plaque is at work, it numbs the area so you can't feel it, little bastards. Anyway, I'm not sure if there's a natural remedy for this. I can't think straight to research or even comprehend anything but my protocol schedule, and even that sends me for a loop sometimes.

Note : I did have some jaw tenderness 2 weeks prior. That's when I bought a humidifier. Damned if the thing is working or not.
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2015-11-16 10:16 am
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Radishes Are Strong Antifungals

Radishes are strong anti-fungals. I actually let a bag go over a month to see how long it would take to rot. It outlives everything organic in our fridges. It's truly remarkable.

Yesterday, I forgot just how strong the anti-fungal properties in radishes were, and  I got violently ill after eating 2 of them. The following might be a little graphic for some, so stop reading if you're that person.

Click to read more )

Friends, that violent episode was not a result of the candida, but rather a result of the anti-fungals KILLING some of the candida. This is called "Die off", "healing crisis" or  "Herxheimer reaction". Most of us call it "die off". When you kill candida, it can release over 70+ toxins in the body that can have a wave of varying results. This is why logging and monitoring everything is so important.

I found that there are many people who actually chase after die-off symptoms because they want to kill the wild candida. I'm not there yet, and I don't know if I want to be.

Also to note. I found a bruise on the back of my left, middle finger. Monitoring it to make sure it doesn't turn into a clot. Its a little smaller than a pencil eraser head, but still important.

Still haven't written back. My mother would call this laziness, but with candida, everything is so much effort. You really can't understand unless you go through it ; well maybe people who have experienced depression can understand. It's not laziness at all.

Finally, if I've not mentioned it earlier, I am approaching 2 months of treatment this coming Wednesday. I've already lost 40lbs. :( Not a healthy way to lose weight. I can even see the top few ribs of of my rib cage - which is what actually prompted me to weigh myself. I need to find healthy calories that can work on this diet. =/

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2015-11-05 10:41 pm
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I havent written. I know. Its the effort and the new schedule. I've switched to spreadsheets, have I mentioned that? I can't bring myself to log in the notebook anymore. I'm also on cycle. Fabulous. Throw more craziness at me. Anyway, I wanted to write about what's on my mind so I can get it out of my head and rest tonight. :

Everyone in my family has a trophy, except me. I'm the failure in the family. The only thing my name is written on is a small plaque I asked my mom to buy for me as a kid because 'hey my name is on it!'

I watched my hands as the water boiled for tea. They were a different color, mottled pale and in one are it looked a bit yellow. Then it slowly changed into mottled pink, with darker pink lines as if I had been pressing hard on an edge, except, I was holding my palms up all that time. My fingertips grew pale and almost a shade of grey. I had enough. I mixed up some extra virgin coconut oil with tea tree oil and applied it onto my hands. Candida was getting accustomed to the extra virgin coconut oil, I thought, so maybe adding the tea tree oil will throw it off. I know I can use oregano oil, but I'm trying to save as much of that as I can given how expensive it is. It's my secret weapon though, since it's the one thing candida can't adapt to. Slowly my hands started to look "normal" again. In this case, "normal" means a mottled pinky hue but with slight more evenness to it. I could tell my back was flaring up. I could feel the heat and itchy sting. It was a big patch. I checked the mirror, and I was right. It looked like something had also scratched me. That's the weird thing with this 'rash'. It heats up a broad blob kind of area and every so often I'll find lines through it, sometimes deep, sometimes thin. My boyfriend often asks if I scratch. I proved to him that I didn't when I asked him to check my back after hours of sitting next to each other at the PCs. Sure enough, it looked like I scratched it, but how could I have when I had been at the desk typing all that time? He started to believe me, I think.

If I can beat this thing. If I can re-balance my candida, and somehow through the grace of God, get my life in order - get it back; I'll be my own fucking trophy.

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2015-10-24 11:29 am
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Update : Week 5, Day 3 (making up for week 4)

Update : Month 1, Day 3 (week 5)

Synopsis :
I'm taking alkalizing drinks now.
1. 1/4tsp Baking Soda in 4oz water
2. 2TBSP organic AVC, 1/4tsp Baking Soda in 4oz water

Both twice a day, pref after meals. Read under the cut for longer details and other information.

Read More )

Just took the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Baking Soda drink. It was better than yesterday's overdose, more vinegar-y this time, but still not exactly something I look forward to. However, its much more tolerable than yesterday's.

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2015-10-22 06:11 am
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Still here (week 4)

I'm still here. I just can't bring myself to write about the week. Schedule has been thrown off. Ive had little energy to bother with things, even taking remedies on time is a chore and I've missed some in the process. Right now, we are displaced as we reseal our bedroom ceiling and paint it. Ceiling was staining. Probably from the water damage last year from the hoarder living above us. Thank goodness it wasn't mold! Lately an alarm has been going off in her apt, and I kind of worry she'll burn the complex down or something.

Anyway, I'm still alive. Just having difficulty with stuff. (Letter to Wizo still on my to-do list)
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2015-10-11 11:05 am

Emotional Support : "Water Under the Bridge"

When one is losing their mind, they try to touch base with anything from the 'sane' world. However, how is that possible if I'm too busy driving those people away?

A Story About an Act of Friendship )
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2015-10-11 10:24 am
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Update : Week 3

Lugol's Iodine - 8 drops (max)

  • Finally at 7 drops of Lugol's Iodine. I didn't think it would be hard, but apparently my body started to really react to this. Also, I dislike the after taste and often chased it away with salt.
  • Same as last week minus a few increases to max quantity for a few of them. I vaguely remember now taking 10 vitamin C now.

Physical Symptoms Endured:

  • runny nose/ post nasal drip. Time to accept this as norm.
  • more kidney aches (lower back area)
  • general achy back
  • right knee pain (feels like arthritis)
  • left thumb joint aches (also feels like arthritis and not like RSI at all)
  • ache/slight pain in right foot arch, and toes
  • TMJ (right jaw, mostly, but some tension with left side)
         - This was new and troubled me especially when it came to eating or brushing my teeth.

Emotional Symptoms Endured:
  • The brain fog had been horrible. My general thinking was affected. I couldn't even add hours up to figure out a timetable for taking the next protocol. I am now using my computers and a tablet to help remind me when to take the doses; as well as when to eat.
  • I have to say while I have not verbally assaulted anyone without provocation, have snapped at people for things I normally would let go. More on that later.
  • Lethargy was high. At the start of the week, I couldn't even bring my dishes to the sink. I had to force myself to make food and remember that my life depended on this schedule; otherwise I was content to just hide from the world and starve. There were days I just wasn't hungry.

Hardest Parts:

  • The brain fog. I was about to come to the point where I was going to lose my mind. I had felt that way before, back when I still lived at home. I remember feeling panicky because I couldn't control my emotions or my thinking. Simple things were a chore, and I was fighting so many emotions that were constantly flooding my brain. I would snap at people, not because I was grumpy, but because I simply couldn't think straight! I was frustrated and stressed. Knowing this experience gave me anxiety this week. I did not want to feel that way again. Prior to this whole ordeal, I was taking Herbal Equilibrium to help with my perimenopausal sanity. I am not taking any of that while on this protocol as I want to see how much of this protocol will truly help me; but in the end, I need to know what truly works and what I'm wasting precious money on.
  • As mentioned, Lethargy was high. I couldn't even address an envelope (sorry Wizo).
  • Emotional support is suppose to be essential, and I see why. I'll write about this in my next post. It deserves its own entry.

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2015-10-02 07:53 am
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Update : Week 2

Lugol's Iodine
As I finished week 2, I'm up to 7 drops, and plan to hit 8 or more in week 3. 8 is recommended. Not much else has changed during this process.

Week 2 : Supplement Routine
  • 6 drops Lugol's Iodine (3 in the morning)
  • Companion Nutrients:
    - 2 selenium (400mg)
    - 2 magnesium (1000mg)
    -1 zinc (25mg)
    - 6 vitamin C (6000mg)
  • B2-Riboflavin 2 tabs (200mg) - morning and evening
  • Niacin 2 tabs (600mg) - morning and evening
  • ALA 2 tabs (600mg) -both in the morning (with the vit B and Magnesium)
  • Milk thistle 3 caps (750mg) - 1 with each meal
  • Dandelion 3 caps (1.5g) - all 3 at lunch time
  • Others :
    - Gymnea sylvestre tea - 2 heaping tsp in 1 cup hot water, steeped for 4 min.
    - Cranberry supplements - 2 caps with meals, as needed

Physical Symptoms Endured:
colored text = new
  • Runny nose / post-nasal drip
  • Abdominal pain to the right of the naval began after beginning 5 drops of Lugol's. Lasted for a few days.
  • Sharp pain, level 4, associated with UTI or prolapse. Difficult to discern.
         Taking cranberry tablets and correcting posture. I've been slouching.
  • Continued lower back pain (kidney area)
         Drank more water. I notice when I don't drink 2 liters, it gets worse.
  • Strange bump appeared on the top of my left ear lobe (navicular fossa) where it would cause a great ache if I laughed or talked; which was brutal as my boyfriend likes to make me laugh. Lasted several hours. (I've had the candida bumps behind the ears before so figure this was related.
         Immediately applied Oil of Oregano, and the ache was immediately subdued, and gone the next day.
  • Noticed lots of veins on my ear lobs on the last day. Its not normally that visible.
  • Had a sensation of 'disconnect' all week. Played computer games to distract myself otherwise, it feels like I am in a wavy dream state. (Even now, as I write.)
  • Been pale a few days this week. Not a normal color for me.
  • Yellowing of teeth, paleness of gums (saw this 2 days out of the week)
  • Week was full of loose stool; but this time, murky in color, too.

    Emotional Symptoms Endured:
  • This was also the week of my cycle, so many things compounded. It's been a long time since I was that moody. My cycle is also now 2 days very heavy, and about 4 days barely there. I read that candida can cause someone to enter early menopause. I was perimenopause at 26, hair thinning and everything. =/
  • On the last day of the week, which was yesterday, I felt very blah and a little gloomy.
         Writing a letter to my friend who is also struggling in life and who has similar faith is helping me recognize how fortunate I am in many areas. That, and talking with my boyfriend, reminds me how far I have come. I use to be in constant pain and doubled over all the time. So even though it doesn't seem like I'm healing, I am. The fact that I can even sit up enough to type is proof. Thank you, God, for those blessed people.

    (R, letter will be late.)

More details below cut. Click here. )
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2015-09-28 12:04 pm
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Stained Teeth and Pale Gums

I went to bed at 11pm last night and noticed that my teeth were stained a bit more yellow and that my gums looked rather pale. I brushed my teeth with a tooth soap bar (not the official kind, because that's a rip off!) This morning, when I got up, everything was fine again. I'm not sure if this is from the iodine, but I hadn't heard of Lugol's Iodine staining teeth before. I'll monitor this over the next few days.

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2015-09-25 09:46 am
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Update : Week 1

Lugol's Iodine Stage

(Updated 9/28 - accidentally mixed up chanca piedra and gymnema sylvestre tea)


The first stage for me consisted of Lugol's Iodine, the companion nutrients, additional supportive supplements, Concentrated Mineral Drops and treatment supplements.

  • Lugol's Iodine - started with 1 drop; graduated to 5 drops in water
  • Companion Nutrients 
         - Selenium, 1tab
         - Magnesium, 1 tab
         - Zinc, 1/2 tab ( My first time using a pill cutter! ^^ )
         - Vitamin C, 3 tablets
         - B2 Riboflavin, 1 tablet
  • Niacin, 1 tab
    Celtic Salt, 1/2 tsp or more (i add to food, but its really awesome)
  • Multivitamin (Gynovite), 6 tabs - 2 with every meal
  • Concentrated Mineral Drops, 2ml
  • dandelion supplements (taken according to directions)
  • cranberry supplements (taken as needed for UTI)
  • chanca piedra caplets (taken according to directions)

Additional stuff : witch hazel, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil, Vicks, virgin coconut oil, gymnema sylvestre tea tea leaves (drinking 1c a day to stop candida from morphing into fungal state)


Physical Symptoms Endured :

- 20+ bug bites (Not sure if it's a 'no-see-um' bite or if it's the candida. Either way, it is a supreme itch that's still going on! 
          cleaned with witch hazel, tea tree oil, sealed with Vicks. Doesn't work as well as heat/cold, but need to buy a hair dryer. More on this when I can get a better handle on it.
- pain in right knee if bent all the way
- pain in left wrist (went away on days 3-4)
- multiple small bumps at the base of my skull behind my ears (def the candida) treated with virgin coconut oil
- some inner ear itchiness
- inner ear 'twinging' or involuntary clicking
- constant runny nose or post nasal drip (I imagine this will be a regular thing)
- urinary tract infection, treated with cranberry supplements
- brain fog
- constipation / threat of hemorrhoids, treated with witch hazel
- various stomach pain


Emotional Symptoms Endured :

I was moody on day 3 and depressed on day 4, day 5-7 was sleepiness and lethargy. I mean, I had never taken a pot to eat out on the couch before. That was new to me. o.0

If you want to read details, you can click below the cut. )

- inner ear 'twinging'

- occasional stomach pain

- cant fully bend right knee without experiencing pain
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2015-09-18 10:12 am
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Stool Chart Link

Stool Chart

I'm sure my UK friends are cracking up at this, but I decided to look up various ways to describe stool. Doctors ask you this question now and then, and the patient usually fumbles with words. After all, we don't exactly read the contents of the toilet bowl like tea leaves that predict your future, right? (I bet that sentence starts a new trend. Just you watch!) Anyway, apparently there are charts! Useful lovely charts! Mine was ..

Click to read details or ignore and just click the chart link! :) )
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2015-09-17 10:31 pm
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My Symptom List

I started to keep a notebook on my symptoms and logged when I would take meals, as I often skipped them. I also recently added bowel movements and urination. The former is obviously important, but the latter is as well. Since the brain fog started, this will help me see where I am in the day and how I've been doing, because trying to remember will be fruitless.

Click to show list )

⦁ red itchy bump on inner calf of left leg
⦁ red spot under right eye (hope this wont itch, too)
⦁ red spot 1 inch under right corner of mouth (colon area on Chinese face map)
⦁ blister on lower lip

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2015-09-17 10:24 pm
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First Step Forward

I Began Here

I posted help on a community, and someone on CureZone answered me. They told me they cured their candida and linked their protocol on their on-site blog. I had further questions, but they disappeared.

This is the article. I link the entire thing because the comments within it are a gold. The actual protocol is here, but I found many answers to unasked questions in the comments. The author, Bill Thompson, is so kind and generous with his advice. I have never been so grateful for a stranger. I am humbled by his willingness to share his knowledge freely. He is saving lives just by sharing. Bless him.

The book he wrote, "Killing So Sweetly", is something I am currently going through. It breaks down all the information I found on the internet in laymen terms. (Thank you.) I also recommend reading it before you judge the protocol. Please by the real book, vs picking up a pdf at a shady website. Your I.T. person will thank you. =)


First Step

I just started the iodine portion of the protocol tonight. I wanted to wait till the weekend, but the amount of brain fog and clumsiness I had to endure today forced my hand. I even mixed up the support supplements at one point and my boyfriend had to help me sort it out. I can't imagine people who do this all by themselves.

I took 1 drop to be safe (with companion nutrients). It has been 6 hours since, and I feel okay. Wait. That's strange because my lower back was aching and hot all day, and at one point had sharp pains a few hours prior to my taking the iodine. My day was full of achy lower back pain, and right now it feels ... a little stiff, less ache, but no real pain.  Last night was also painful and achy, So maybe my kidneys are hanging in there? 

I need to drink more water to help them and my liver out, but I'm already sick of water, and salad. "The cure is worse than the disease" - I have a feeling I'll come to understand that meaning through and through before this is over, but if it saves me, I'll be stronger for it.

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2015-09-17 10:03 pm
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Surviving Candida's Recruitment

A week after my birthday, I was recruited into the Candida club. Maybe I should say 'drafted', since I didn't get much of a choice?


I lead a sedentary lifestyle and am a notorious recluse. I also have social anxiety and depression. I was also overweight and was stuck no matter what I did. I only ever fluctuated 10lbs at best, vs my BF who could shed pounds like a winter coat. I had been perimenopausal since 26. If that wasn't enough, I also have Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy running in my family, so heart palpitations were something I grew to accept as my new norm. I'm not going to discuss hair thinning/loss. That was the worst. (Funny, huh? Heart palpitations are ok, but don't take my hair! Ah, to be accepted in society.. so foolish a dream we all share.)


I don't have medical insurance or a lot of money. I haven't for the past 15 years. So I can't afford western medical treatment. Also, even if I could, I would rather opt for natural remedies first and use western medicine last. I am not looking for a magic pill that will 'cure' me and at the same time, set me up for loads of other problems. I want a natural remedy that rebalances my candida so I can live a normal healthy life.

At least, that's what I wanted to say. The truth is I haven't been healthy since I was 17, but I always wanted to be. I can elaborate more on my past another time. Right now, I want to say where I am.

Note: If you don't know what candida is, look it up.


I wanted to find a cure, a bonafied cure, not some method of staving off candida overgrowth. So I had to research. Most of the time, the information was too much for me to assemble, but God bless those few who were trying to share their knowledge. Granted, some of it was incorrect, but I'm sure it meant a wealth of treasure to them when they shared it. So for that, thank you. I had to wade in through the net until finally I had enough and plainly pleaded and asked for help. My post went with no reply. Then, a small voice appeared who shared with me a protocol that they used to cure themselves. Bless this person. It led me to find a protocol; but when I saw "turpentine", I kind of set the entire thing aside for a bit. I wanted more options so I could choose the best one.

The more information I found, the further away I felt toward an answer. I needed to buy myself time, so I did the following:

  • stopped consumption of all processed food (including baked goods). If God didn't make it, I didn't eat it. (Really difficult in today's modern age.)
  • stopped consumption of ALL fruit, including melons, grapes, and tomatoes (Yeah. It's a fruit apparently.)
  • stopped consumption of root vegetables like carrots, potatoes (even the sweet ones I love so much)
  • stopped consumption of ALL grains (breads, rice, oatmeal etc)
  • stopped the consumption of starches like beans and potatoes (also already mentioned)
  • continued to consume meat, but left out processed meats (like deli meat, sausages and bacon)
  • began consumption of kefir drinks and kefir yogurt
    (Purchased kefir from grocers usually boasts 12 strains of beneficial)
  • ate sauerkraut 
    (some made me sick, but it actually depends on which method and ingredients they used to make it. Not all fermented foods are created equal!)
  • purchased a probiotic with at least 14 different strains of bacteria
    I took this first thing in the morning, when stomach acids are at its weakest
  • ate oat bran in the mornings
    I saw a video somewhere that said this and rice bran is a prebiotic which helped the good bacteria live in the gut longer. I know a lot of people avoided grains altogether, but I didn't see a bad reaction so I accepted this once or twice a week, and only in the mornings right after taking my probiotics. I knew this wasn't a path to curing myself. I was just trying to buy myself more time and the little probiotic soldiers in my gut were going to need nourishment for the long war. :)
  • increased consumption of Virgin Coconut Oil
    I ate 1 tablespoon a day or more. I used it in cooking and sometimes used it to snack with. If I found myself having mid-day cravings, I ate more of this stuff because it meant I needed more fats.
  • drank a LOT of water
  • increased consumption of garlic and onions


For my symptoms of bloating and stomach pain, I went to a homeopathic forum. The first homeopath didn't detect my sensitivity to a remedy, and they over-prescribed something to me, then tried to compensate by prescribing something else to counter it. Another homeopath said to stop all dosing and somehow took over my case. She was the one who figured out that I had candida overgrowth. Initially she helped me restore some balance so I was in less pain, but many things were still wrong with me and it had come to the point where I didn't find any of her recommendations useful. That and a poor beside manner left me to look for my own answers. I stayed with my above diet and kept looking for answers. This lasted 3-4 months.

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2015-09-15 09:16 pm
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For those "concerned" folks who can't be bothered to read posts, and instead want a condensed update on how I'm doing, click the "TLDR" tag. You will find short summaries at the top of the posts. If you want weekly updates, click the respective tag for summaries. I'll try to write those regularly.




This is a journal about my adventure with the beast known as candida. I created this for the few friends and family who actually care about what happens to me. For that, thank you. Them aside, mostly I started this journal for myself. I started this journal for other people like me who don't have insurance, can't afford to see a doctor. I want you to see the options I took, so maybe it can help you find your own way.

I know the journey through candidiasis is difficult, and long. I know it involves heavy brain fog and varying pains. When I finally tame the beast, I want to be able to see what kind of adventure I had, what inspired me, what hurt, and what lessons did God teach me along the way that I probably forgot about. I want to remember.


You are welcome to read my blog and post comments or questions. Discussions are welcome, and so are debates. However, please don't troll or flame, this isn't the place for that. I know we can't all get along, but I ask that you have the decency to respect someone's healing space. If you're too shy to post, you can message me here on DW, but first you'll need to make an account.

If you are also an unfortunate recruit of candida or have maybe overcome it, I welcome your knowledge and wisdom. This is a frightening condition given our modern world supports it so strongly, so it's an uphill battle from day 1.

I do ask that you reply from your perspective and experiences. Create your responses in a loving and receptive manner, versus an accusatory one. Rude comments will be deleted. I screen. :)

Thanks for reading.