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I Began Here

I posted help on a community, and someone on CureZone answered me. They told me they cured their candida and linked their protocol on their on-site blog. I had further questions, but they disappeared.

This is the article. I link the entire thing because the comments within it are a gold. The actual protocol is here, but I found many answers to unasked questions in the comments. The author, Bill Thompson, is so kind and generous with his advice. I have never been so grateful for a stranger. I am humbled by his willingness to share his knowledge freely. He is saving lives just by sharing. Bless him.

The book he wrote, "Killing So Sweetly", is something I am currently going through. It breaks down all the information I found on the internet in laymen terms. (Thank you.) I also recommend reading it before you judge the protocol. Please by the real book, vs picking up a pdf at a shady website. Your I.T. person will thank you. =)


First Step

I just started the iodine portion of the protocol tonight. I wanted to wait till the weekend, but the amount of brain fog and clumsiness I had to endure today forced my hand. I even mixed up the support supplements at one point and my boyfriend had to help me sort it out. I can't imagine people who do this all by themselves.

I took 1 drop to be safe (with companion nutrients). It has been 6 hours since, and I feel okay. Wait. That's strange because my lower back was aching and hot all day, and at one point had sharp pains a few hours prior to my taking the iodine. My day was full of achy lower back pain, and right now it feels ... a little stiff, less ache, but no real pain.  Last night was also painful and achy, So maybe my kidneys are hanging in there? 

I need to drink more water to help them and my liver out, but I'm already sick of water, and salad. "The cure is worse than the disease" - I have a feeling I'll come to understand that meaning through and through before this is over, but if it saves me, I'll be stronger for it.


This is a personal journal. It is not intended as medical advice, as I am no medical professional. This is simply my journey, documented for curious friends and family.


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