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Stool Chart Link

Stool Chart

I'm sure my UK friends are cracking up at this, but I decided to look up various ways to describe stool. Doctors ask you this question now and then, and the patient usually fumbles with words. After all, we don't exactly read the contents of the toilet bowl like tea leaves that predict your future, right? (I bet that sentence starts a new trend. Just you watch!) Anyway, apparently there are charts! Useful lovely charts! Mine was ..

- Type 6. That's much easier to say than .... the description. I suppose you can mix and match, too. For example: First type 3 then type 4. It seems more convenient that way and is a nice method for distancing yourself, lol. (I find it amusing people still laugh at stool or stool jokes.)


I learned on Dr.Oz that the ideal stool is S-shaped or curved, which follows the shape of your lower intestine, and for the past 5 years, I've been monitoring my diet and hydration according to that. It has been interesting and has led me to keep a good stock of milled flax seed in the fridge. Also, I hate drinking water, so the observation also nudges me to hydrate more else I'll suffer some consequences.

Anyway, I try not to read too much in the stool. I'm the type who easily convinces herself of some disease once she's heard it. So if you're the same, just monitor your diet (including hydration!) and use your stool as a guide.