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I think I had a bad day last week where I was hoping my parents would take an interest in finding out why I'm sick or at least what it does to me. I set up this blog for them, after all, hoping to answer some questions they may have. Nope. A friend. wants me to keep reaching out to them, but at the rate it stresses me, I think I'm better off not counting on their emotional support.

SO. I don't know whether or not I'll even keep this blog up now. We'll see what happens, I guess. The good news is that I'll write my thoughts now instead of keep up with that stupid template log. Actually, no. I know that log is helpful, so I should keep some incarnation of it up.


So, things I learned from my last mishap. Eat. Solid. Foods. I had one full day of soup and I was in so much pain afterward. I guess I was concerned if I was allergic to anything since I had been reading about food allergies and don't know if I have it. (I am not seeing a doctor.)

Radishes - strong anti-fungal. I can only eat 1 a day. Frankly, I've not even had 1 a week since that last horrible incident of die-off. It even sent me into painful bloat mode! (As did the soup day.)

New Problem! Tooth and Gum Issue!

It's Winter and the air is always dry. For the last few years since I've lived here, my teeth and gums would always ache in the winter. This year was no exception. However, this year I notice that my gum line near my bottom left molar has started to turn more black. 6 years ago, when I still lived in California, I went to a dentist who just said it was a stain and to not worry about it. (He's on 1800Dentist, by the way. Ripped off my mom too but that's another story.) I went to brush my teeth after having Alkalizing drink #2 (post after this one!) and noticed some blood. I checked and it didn't look like anything was bleeding, but when I spat, sure enough. I flossed again, especially around that dark "stained" area. My tooth looks fine from above, but that gum line looked like it had gotten darker and spread a little. I used a rubber pick around the area. Again, no pain, but we all know that when plaque is at work, it numbs the area so you can't feel it, little bastards. Anyway, I'm not sure if there's a natural remedy for this. I can't think straight to research or even comprehend anything but my protocol schedule, and even that sends me for a loop sometimes.

Note : I did have some jaw tenderness 2 weeks prior. That's when I bought a humidifier. Damned if the thing is working or not.


This is a personal journal. It is not intended as medical advice, as I am no medical professional. This is simply my journey, documented for curious friends and family.


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